Financial Reboot was born from a desire by our president, Samuel Levitz, along with his chief investment adviser, Patrick Comer, to help others change their fortunes in the stock market.

When Samuel and Patrick first met, Samuel’s portfolio had dwindled from almost a million dollars to under $300,000.

Desperate to stop the bleeding, Samuel even tried paying for a stock picking service. That started out great, but soon went south quickly. Samuel was at his wit’s end.

The two then joined forces and within months Samuel’s portfolio was ridden of the cancerous bad picks and positioned for growth. He is now generating strong, consistent returns.

At that point, Samuel and Patrick realized there were others out there. Some in even worse shape than Samuel was. So they launched Financial Reboot…


Samuel began trading the stock market at the suggestion of his grandfather when he was gifted some money to learn the trade. Since the age of 16, he has started multiple companies, completed multiple investments, and has been trading in the stock market for the last 31 years. A chance meeting with his partner at a cafe in Hawaii, changed the game for not only each of them, but the hundreds of clients and customers that now use their services…Knowing that there is a simpler and safer way to profit in the stock market..


Pat has been trading for three decades. Through years of testing different styles and techniques he has found that no single system works in every market. Pat is just a normal guy and because of this he has a great ability to simplify the normally complex information and present it in an easy to understand way. Pat is the average investor’s secret weapon!

Mission Statement:

“To Identify, correct and position our clients for maximum growth by complete transparency and integrity as to uphold the highest moral and ethical standards.

We will always dedicate a substantial proportion of our profits to helping the poor, needy and downtrodden through donations and support.

We will always adhere to a simple philosophy; Never look down on another person, except to give them a hand up.”


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Not only is my account making money with you, but you are actually taking the time to TEACH me…that’s invaluable to me.

― Dana H

You guys have your finger on the pulse of what’s happening, and also safeguarding from the unexpected…..thank you.

― Tom P

I literally boarded a plane in San Francisco, and when I arrived in Honolulu 5 1/2 hours later, my stock account was up over $9,000!

― Greg V

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