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Has Gold Found a Bottom?

  Without question today was a really, really bad day for gold. And not just from a trading point of view. Technically, the damage to the shiny metal was intense. So besides the outside negativity gold is facing (Rate hikes, US dollar moves, good economic news), even the most optimistic chart purest will have a [...]

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Market Update 9/30/16

  In this update we discuss the Deutsche Bank (DB) event, market conditions going forward, and we end with a “Imminent Crash of the Global Economy” scenario (It didn’t crash, in case you’re wondering!) that came and went. This is a rare glimpse into how our Investment Team reads the markets! If you want to [...]

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The Fed – Friend or Foe?

  Today was a huge day for the markets as the Federal Reserve released their November statement. Moments after the release, the markets raced to all kinds of highs. The Fed decided to stand pat on rates but also noted they intend to raise rates in December, when they meet again. At this point it [...]

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Core Portfolio – New Addition 8/14/2016

Our core portfolio is comprised of stocks that we buy with a longer-term horizon. We have added a new stock to our core this week. It is Carbonite, Inc (CARB). CARB is a cloud-based backup and recovery system for small to mid-sized businesses. CARB provides backup and recovery service for small to mid-sized businesses loaded with high-growth potential [...]

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Deciphering The News

For traders the news is a critical part of dissemination. Without question this is a news-driven market. So as traders, it is critical that we are able to sift through the news and use it to make prudent and successful trades. But how do we actually accomplish that? How do we avoid making bad trades [...]

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Option Talk Volume 1

Options Talk – Going Long Without a doubt options are the most exciting – and potentially profitable – way to play the stock market. Of course, as with any high-reward strategy, the risk is just as high. So a trader needs to be smart when delving into this method of trading. At Financial Reboot options [...]

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Viewer Question – Weekly Show

This video answers a viewer question from last week’s weekly web show. (See full episode here: http://www.facebook.com/financialreboot/) The question is “What do we think about the recent First Hawaiian Bank IPO. Watch the video to find out how we are playing it?   Or….are we playing it? Get our financial team to review your investment goals and current portfolio…. [...]

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