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From the Desk of Samuel Levitz

Somewhere in Hawaii, USA

"We're tracking 240% in verified portfolio growth in 2020...and we want to show you exactly how you can do it too..."

Welcome to Financial Reboot, I'm Samuel Levitz and together with my co-founder Patrick Comer, we teach investors how to double their IRA in 3 years or less.

Despite all the uncertainty and volatility in the market right now, for the wealth-builders inside our program, it's been a really good year.

Unfortunately, for many investors, this year has been challenging because the market has become a slave to the news.

Coronavirus pandemic, Presidential politics, extreme weather reports, hostile foreign countries, depressing economic reports, meaningless celebrity rants...

It seems like just about anything can impact the market these days.

700 points up one day, down 900 the next, how does anyone safely grow their portfolio right now?

Right now, the big problem is market volatility & news-driven overreactions.

But 5 years ago, when I lost over a million dollars in my own personal portfolio, it wasn’t either of these things that screwed me over...

It was the celebrity fund manager to the ‘stars’ who was managing my funds.

Over 9 months of working with this guy, he managed to lose over a million dollars of my money.

Thankfully, shortly after that, I met Patrick who helped me recoup my losses and ultimately come out ahead in less than a year.

I was so impressed with Patrick’s investment system and his trade team that we eventually became business partners in launching Financial Reboot.

Our signature program, Double Your IRA, helps investors double their IRA in 3 years or less.

It’s the exact same system Patrick used to help me recoup my losses and what he’s used to successfully trade tens of millions over the last 30 years.

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Closed Trades This Year...Up 240%!


"Being a long term member...I must admit I've gotten spoiled with Financial Reboot...a 10, 20, 30% return is great...here I've consistently gotten quick 80, 90, 100, 100%+ returns which is OUTSTANDING. I laugh at my friends 10% ROR CD over a year. "

-Glen Williams, Double Your IRA Member

Trading isn't Just About Making Money, It's About Building Wealth

Making money trading stocks is great - but if you don't have a wealth building system, then you're missing the biggest opportunity of your life.

Wealth = freedom...plain and simple. Freedom from the schedule, freedom to do what you want when you want, being able to grow your wealth from anywhere in the world, the ability to leave a legacy...

Anyone can make money, but only a few can build true wealth. Inside our signature Double Your IRA elite members area, you'll learn the exact system you can use to build wealth.

The best part...you don't need to be an accomplished trader or a stay locked to your computer for 8 hours watching the market's every move.

Inside Double Your IRA you'll have everything you need to succeed:

  • Discover the investment strategy that minimizes risk & protects your account from big losses
  • How to use options to rapidly grow your portfolio in this economy (or any other)
  • How to restructure your accounts to maximize gains & minimize time (spend less than 10 minutes a day)
  • The simple 2-step system we've perfected to double accounts in three years or less
  • Get 4 to 5 trades each month with the biggest payday potential
  • Daily Mentoring, coaching, & recommendations from Patrick and the trade team inside the live room

Don H. Made $17,000 Right Out of the Gate!

We have hundreds of stories like Don's...all from members of Double Your IRA. How would you feel if you could access the same proven system?

Do you think being able to consistently double or triple your portfolio would change your life?


Trading Options is Hard, But it What If We Could Make It Easy and Minimize Your Risk?

Despite the huge upsides from trading options, like building wealth and freedom fast, trading options isn't easy.

Otherwise, everyone would be doing it.

Over the last 40 years, trading pro trader Patrick Comer has perfected an options trading system that minimizes risk while maximizing gains.

Inside Double Your IRA you'll have access to the same system Patrick and his trade team use every day to grow their client portfolios and their own.

Options trading doesn't have to be risky or complicated to work exceptionally well.

In as little as 10 minutes a day, you can execute the same trades that Patrick is making. Or if you want, you can join Patrick in the Live Room, where he answers questions, breaks down the market trends, and teaches his unique methodology (called the B.C.F. Method) to grow your wealth.

There are three fundamentals to the Double Your IRA program:


Elite Access to Our Successful Investment Strategies

Besides knowing what trades to make, you need the right long-term strategy to build wealth. Inside Double Your IRA, you'll get help restructuring your account, removing 'cancerous' stocks, and establishing a healthy portfolio.


The Exact Trades to Make Each Month (Never Trade Alone)

Each month, you'll get access to the same trades our trade team is making. You'll know which stocks to buy, when to buy, how much to buy, what to sell, when to sell, how much to sell, etc. Never trade alone again.


Daily Training From Our Deca-Million Dollar Trade Team

A pro-team at your fingertips. One of the biggest challenges for new and seasoned traders is having trusted advisors around for help. With our teams experience trading tens of millions, there's no situation they can't help with.

Inside Double Your IRA, You'll Get the Same Winning Formula These Investors Are Using to Build Their Wealth

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  • A trustworthy & transparent team by your side with the exact picks to make
  • Daily training and mentoring from a pro-trader inside the Live Room
  • A proven method to systematically grow your portfolio and build long-term wealth


Who are the people that run this business?

Financial Reboot was started by Samuel Levitz and Patrick Comer. Samuel had trusted a stock picking service and quickly lost almost a million dollars. Samuel met Patrick during a chance meeting. Patrick had been a successful deca-million dollar private investor for decades and offered to take a look at Samuel’s portfolio.

At the time, Samuel’s portfolio was down to around $250k after being well over a million. By December of 2016, Patrick had Samuels portfolio well over $1 million.
Samuel realized he wasn’t the only person that had been duped by a “expert”, so he asked Patrick to come out of retirement and help him build a company that was honest, transparent, educational and truly transformed the lives of the people that used its services.
He set out to change the stock picking world. Thus, Financial Reboot was born. Financial Reboot is two investors. We are not registered or certified. We are two traders that are looking to teach and help others build wealth.
What guarantees do you offer?

We offer 3 rock solid guarantees, all of which we will go over during your strategy session call with our office directly so please have a pen and paper 
handy to take notes.

In a nutshell here they are:

1.  You will have at least ONE (1) 100%+ profit on an investment within your first 90-days of being a member of our annual membership.

2. Double your money back guarantee...If your account doesn't at least double within your first 3 years of members, you are entitled to double your money back, no questions asked!

3. We 100% guarantee that of the investments we "Suggest" to you each month, that there will be some losers in there!  This is why you MUST have a service like ours that systematically helps you follow an actual plan for wealth, not just trade to make money, but actually a proven plan to absorb losses WHEN they come and build on the wins to ensure your accounts double in 3 years or less!
Is there fine print that will allow you to get out of the guarantee?

The guarantee is simple, written in plain English (not a bunch of legalese mumbo-jumbo), and clearly states itself. You are welcome – and encouraged – to read the contract completely.

Here’s another thought on the contract … We’re probably not the only service you have looked into. So, you know most are just revolving doors. They push mass amounts of subscribers quickly through a signup process, rinse and repeat.
And although they’ll have disclaimers, no one offers you a contract but us.
That’s because we are different from top to bottom. The last thing a shady service wants to do is sign a contract. Its legally binding and leaves no room for innuendo. We on the other hand, are looking for a commitment from you and also want to be crystal clear on what we will provide in return for your commitment.
What is your method of investing?

Simply put....we trade OPTIONS.

And, not the fancy options, just plain old, HIGHLY leveraged "Call and Put" options.

Patrick has run his trade team for decades and amassed tens of millions of dollars just trading simple options and has developed a system for you to simply follow...

Yes, Options are HARD if you had to do it yourself...with our service, we give you our EXACT same trades that we make, so we are ALL in the same boat together, day in and day out!

What happens if I don't want to trade some/all of the trades?
You are always in control of your portfolio. We do not trade for you. Ultimately, the choice to make a trade is ALWAYS yours.
But remember, you are here because you are looking for a proven formula for building wealth in any market environment. You’ll get the best results by following the program step-by-step.
What makes your "plan" or system so different?

Most people have NO PLAN at all.  They trade just to try to make money....sound familiar?  This is a kiss of death.

Without a proper plan in place to absorb losses and BUILD on wins, you are simply giving yourself a job, and who has time to watch charts 8-10 hours a day?

We have a proven "buying recommendation" which our clients are NEVER to break, that is, 3% to 5% of their portfolio on ANY given trade we give them.

That means, if for example, you have $100,000 and we send you a trade to play, you would invest between $3,000 to $5,000 on that play, no more, no less.

Will you teach me everything about trading on the stock market?

We will teach you our program for wealth building. We provide educational trainings on absolutely EVERYTHING you need to know to DOUBLE your accounts every three (3) years or less within the group on charting, different options strategies, etc.

Our biggest competitor (though we don't consider them a competitor 🙂 charges between $20,000 to $70,000  just to train you each quarter, you fly to their facility, train for a week at a time, then you fly home just to sit in front of your computer for 10-12 hours a day!

If you want to give yourself a job, not have a life, and RISK coming up with ALL the trades yourself and NOT rely on multi-millionaire investors to supply you with our trades, then, yes, go spend the $70,000 with them, and come see us after you've learned your lesson!

Is your program suitable for someone with less than 100K as the investment portfolio?

Yes, our program is built for any sized portfolio.

We have two different levels of service we provide, so one of those two will be suitable for your needs.

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Results may not be typical and may vary from person to person. Making money trading stocks takes time, dedication, and hard work. There are inherent risks involved with investing in the stock market, including the loss of your investment. Past performance in the market is not indicative of future results. Any investment is at your own risk

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