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*Disclaimer: Kyle’s results and the results you’ll see from testimonials on this page are not typical. They are testimonials from their own personal experiences and should not be considered as a guarantee. I want nothing more than for our clients to succeed, but unfortunately we can’t guarantee that individuals will actually implement the things I teach to become successful (crazy I know). Joining our program doesn’t guarantee anything.

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*Disclaimer: Kyle’s results and the results you’ll see from testimonials on this page are not typical. They are testimonials from their own personal experiences and should not be considered as a guarantee. I want nothing more than for our clients to succeed, but unfortunately we can’t guarantee that individuals will actually implement the things I teach to become successful (crazy I know). Joining our program doesn’t guarantee anything.


*Disclaimer: Kyle’s results and the results you’ll see from testimonials on this page are not typical. They are testimonials from their own personal experiences and should not be considered as a guarantee. I want nothing more than for our clients to succeed, but unfortunately we can’t guarantee that individuals will actually implement the things I teach to become successful (crazy I know). Joining our program doesn’t guarantee anything.


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Frequently Asked Questions...

What is your success rate?
The average client return in the program for 2020 was 80.17%. Obviously, I can’t guarantee a specific investment result (my attorney would probably kill me), but logically there’s a reason we were able to achieve those returns compared to the average, traditional investor or financial advisor. Long story short, if you want average results you can stick with the traditional financial services path. If you want something different, something with greater potential, we should talk.

What exactly do we help people with?
Here’s a short list of what we do:
– Help develop a “wealthier” mindset around money and investments
– Help create a system for managing money that allows you to spend it without feeling anxious or constantly grinding through a budget
– Help you maximize every dollar that comes into your household
– Help make sure you’re not overpaying on anything (insurance, debt, even your retirement contributions)
– Help you learn to maximize rewards spending and travel bonuses (so you can potentially fly for free like I do)
– Help educate you on the different types of investment options available, and how YOU can use them to your advantage
– Help set up your investment accounts
– Help eliminate any investment fees you may be paying
– Help give you direction around your investment selections
– Help make investing easier (literally I just give you MY OWN personal investment portfolio)
– Help you become independent from the costly financial services industry
– Help you learn advanced trading techniques to increase your monthly cashflow
– Help you make educated decisions around your finances and investments
– Give you an entire membership portal
– Give you group coaching calls
– Work with you 1-1 to maximize your wealth the right way

At what point can we help people?
We work with anyone regardless of their investment experience or assets, from complete beginner to expert. The most important thing is this must be a priority to you. If it’s important to you, it will be important to me.

How is it possible to get these investment returns (compared to the “typical” 6-10%)?
Choices and strategy. The financial industry is built to serve retirees. It’s also loaded with fees and compliance red tape. This limits the investment options that are available to you. I open your portfolio to all investment options and teach you how to eliminate all of those fees. Also, the “normal” industry investment relationship is hands-off. They set you up with some mutual funds, but there is rarely any dynamic strategy involved. We take a dynamic, hands-on approach that makes sure you can capitalize on current opportunities in a changing world.

How did you learn all of this?
Experience + trial and error. I worked for 2 years as a CPA and then worked inside the investment industry as a financial advisor for 5 years before I started this business. It taught me the basics…but it also taught me what NOT to do. Most financial advisors are great investment salesman, but not necessarily great investors themselves. I learned this modern approach to investing by actually doing it. I don’t recommend products, I teach you what I do myself to be successful.

Why is this “modern investing” approach better than the traditional advice out there?
The traditional advice teaches you “how to retire” by contributing to retirement accounts. The problem is that may not actually be what you want. What if you don’t want to wait until age 65 to start enjoying your wealth? This program solves that problem by teaching you how to build assets. Investments that you can maximize and actually access and enjoy before retirement so you can experience the life you want.
What is the difference between your program and the other investment programs out there?
Most investment programs give you little to no 1-1 support. They are also designed to make you dependent on them. You have to pay them 4-5 figures every single year. I work with you personally to help answer questions and get you results. Ours is also the only investment program (I know of) that you only have to pay once.

I’ve tried other courses and wasn’t happy. How do I know this will work?
This is not one of those online courses you buy, but never actually talk with anyone. This is a dedicated coaching program that happens to have course material to supplement your learning. But I get it. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on “courses” and most of them were crap. Here’s what I can tell you – if you want different results you need to start doing things differently. I can’t guarantee you a specific return (I would severely question anyone that does try to make you that promise). What I can promise you is that you will get all the support you need and learn the same exact strategies I use myself personally.

I’m scared to make this decision.
That’s normal. I was pretty intimidated before I hired my first coach. He asked me for $18k and I had to put the investment on 2 credit cards (relax you won’t pay me anywhere near that much). Ironically it ended up being a great decision and I 4X that investment in the first month. Any new decision is scary because our brains are wired to protect us from the unknown. But there’s also a lot of truth in the phrase “you need to spend money to make money.” I would encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. If I were in your shoes I would rather invest in someone that really knows what they’re doing…as opposed to some cheap or free program that generally won’t get you long-term results. You get what you pay for.

I’m not sure if I can afford this, is there anything you can do for me?
I do have financing options available as well as an option for you to use paypal credit which is 0% APR for 6 months. We can talk about those on our strategy call. I’d also encourage you to keep in mind that if this is something that is truly important to you, you’ll find a way to make it work. Wealth, financial freedom, and opportunity are not things that will just “wait for you to be ready.”

Do I need to have investing experience to make this work?
Absolutely not! I specifically designed my program to be able to help you even if you’re a complete beginner or feel like you have no idea what you’re doing with investments. Some of my most successful clients on this page had zero experience when they started. In fact, they’d probably still refer to themselves as novices. I give you detailed video instruction, 1-1 support and coaching, and even hand you my own personal investment portfolio. All you have to do is learn, ask questions, and click some buttons (I show you how to do that too).

I’m not sure if I have enough time. How long will I need to commit to get results?
I can definitely relate! That’s why I designed this program to be extremely time-efficient. I believe that true freedom is a combination of wealth AND time. You need both to be successful and happy. If you can dedicate a focused 15-minutes per week that will be enough. Obviously you’re welcome to spend more time than that as well!

I don’t have a large investment portfolio yet, can I still do this?
Of course! Some of my most successful clients started from zero. You don’t need a large portfolio to do this.

Can I pay you after I make my money back?
No. If you stick with it though it’d be hard to fail over the long-haul, you’d basically have to just not implement anything. Plus that would be a completely wreckless way for me to run a business. You wouldn’t really want to take wealth advice from someone that didn’t know what they were doing would you?

If I jump on board now can I start later?
Sure! But why would you want to wait…
Is this just for people just starting out or will this help me even if I’ve already built a growing portfolio of assets?
It’s for both. I have clients that started with nothing and clients that already had multiple-million dollar portfolios going in. The strategies you’ll learn can absolutely benefit you either way.

I’m younger/older will this work for me?
The program is designed to maximize your wealth as soon as possible. Starting young can be extremely beneficial to you. However, I also have clients that are older but still want to grow as much as possible. You should only avoid this program if your desire is to simply retire at 65-67 and live off of social security and a company pension, with little to no actual assets.

I don’t have any experience, are you sure this will work for me?
Yes I am 100% positive this can work for you even if you have zero investing experience. I encourage you to look through the results and testimonials on this page. They’re from real people that got real results…many of whom had absolutely no investment background or education prior to coming on board.
How much will I need to actually invest in my accounts? Is there a minimum?
I have clients that invest as little as $100/mo and clients that invest 6-7 figures per year. There is no minimum. The goal is to maximize what you have and increase your potential so you can live YOUR version of freedom. That’s different for everybody, but certainly achievable for you if you’re willing to learn and grow.

Are there other “investing” fees associated with your program?
Hell no! You only have to pay me one time. In fact, I’m literally going to help you eliminate investment fees from your life forever.

What if I need to ask someone for permission?
My recommendation – talk with them before the call to fill them in on what you’re doing. Better yet, bring them on the call with you! Keep in mind though not everyone will understand. Sometimes it’s the people closest to you that unintentionally give the worst advice. My family and former colleagues told me I was “foolish” when I started investing this way…now they’re asking me how I did it.


I've Been Exactly Where You Are!

I get asked a lot, “Kyle, what makes what you teach different than anything else?”

It’s a fair question, and probably one I would ask as well if I were in your shoes. The straight-forward answer is that I’ve actually created exactly what you’re trying to do!

I’ve built a portfolio of assets that provide me with over $30,000 per month of passive earnings on demand. This has allowed me to experience life on my terms…without stressing over time and money.

Just as important though, I’ve been where you are and learned what doesn’t work by actually working in the investment industry as a Certified Financial Planner. I came out of college with $65k in student loan debt and not a nickel in investment earnings. I also have seen firsthand that the “traditional” approach to investing doesn’t work for our generation.

In other words, I know what you need to be doing right now to take the next step on your journey to wealth, financial freedom, and a life full of endless experiences and amazing memories!

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