Congratulations On Joining The Community

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you make time now to
FOLLOW the instructions below to get set up for MASSIVE PROFITS!

Step #1 - Watch This Important Video

Step #2 - Start on These Now...


Personally we like Charles Schwab, or TD Ameritrade, but there are a ton you can use...check how much they charge on commissions before deciding on one, and make sure they have a mobile app for your phone! Ultimately, the choice is 100% up to you.


Again, we predominantly trade simple call and put options, so you need this approval. Your brokerage will help you with this when you set-up your trading account. *IMPORTANT TO REVIEW proper application requests during your "on-boarding call" with our team.


The Double My IRA Service is delivered exclusively to our US/CANADIAN clients via "PUSHOVER" notifications (similar to text message on your mobile) so make sure you provided us your correct cell phone so you get the trades instantly when our research team calls the picks.

Please take a few minutes to follow these directions. They’re simple and easy and just take a few clicks.


While on your preferred device (Cell phone, desktop) click the following link. If you already have Pushover on your phone or desktop it will automatically add the DYI group and you are ready to go!


If you do not have the app already, it will ask you to download it. Do this and follow the simple steps.

If you have any issues please contact the team via the DYI members page:


When you sign up you will receive a free 7-day trial.


We have an agreement with Pushover and WE will pay this for you.


*IMPORTANT: When you get set-up on Pushover, you will need to
EMAIL: info@financialreboot.com your user ID so we can activate it immediately


Pushover user ID will look similar to this: uuz5u5cc11suymvfbui2yi8s5atnyb

You can find it AFTER you install it on your phone, then click on the gear icon in the top right of the app. Then just copy and paste it into an email to our offices (info@financialreboot.com) *See screenshot below



When buying our recommendations please follow these guidelines:

**Do not buy more then 3-5% of your total portfolios value.**

For example, if we recommend buying xyz stock symbol, and your portfolios total value is $100,000, you should not buy more than $3,000 - $5,000 worth of the pick.

Risk management is critical to your success. We all have to deal with the urge to go "All in".

Just remember, not all picks will be winners. Having a pick lose more than 3-5% of your total portfolio is devastating.

This rule is critical so please follow it religiously..

The Double My IRA Service will guide you through every step!

When you receive an alert, it will detail what to buy, what price to buy it at and how much to buy.

Easy enough, right? Don't overcomplicate it and you will see great results over the next 3 years.


The market BREATHES...You will not WIN 100% of your trades, let's be realistic. What you can expect, is that over the course of time, (3 years or less) your winners will make you FAR more money than your losers.

Just STAY IN THE GAME....That is the secret to making millions...Remember, this is a 3-year plan to DOUBLE your account.

Give it a chance to work for you...follow ALL our plays for the next 12 months and watch what happens to your net worth. This WORKS....PERIOD.


PRIVATE Membership community for all your instructional videos and more

Our Membership site is filled with ONLY the things you need to make your first MILLION DOLLARS in option investing. Simple. Effective. Proven to give you results. This is YOUR community, so make the best of it!

Step #4 - Your PRIVATE Onboarding Call

Pick A Time To Onboard With Patrick ASAP

PRIVATE Onboarding call

Personal onboard call with the CFO and Head Investment Coordinator, Patrick Comer.

Welcome to the Double My IRA family! You have taken the first step to growing your wealth and establishing true financial freedom in your life. We are very proud to have you as a new member and are excited to get you started.

This onboard call with our two top executives is designed to get you off to a roaring start.

As we have mentioned many times before, it is our philosophy that before you even make a trade, you are totally prepared to take full advantage of our proprietary wealth building formula.

Please take some time to review these questions before your onboard call. Please also be on time for our call.

This is your money, your future and your responsibility.

We are giving you direct access to Patrick Comer.

Patrick runs the trade team and oversees every facet of the trading system, it’s delivery, and most of all – your success.

We know you are as excited as we are to get you started building wealth so let’s get right to it.

1. What are your expectations?

2. Have you ever traded options or stocks in the past?

On a scale of 1 to 5, what would you rate your experience level?

3. Have you already set up your brokerage account? Is it funded, and do you have the required options trading approval?

4. We offer various methods of communication. Patrick will go over them with you now
and explain how each works, how you can most effectively use them.

These include;
a. Client Private Group
b. Facebook.com/financialreboot
c. Pushover alerts (trade notifications)
d. How to contact customer service via the Double Your IRA/Financial Reboot Member Page
5. How much is your trading portfolio?

6. Let’s go over what a buy program is, how to use effectively and why it’s so important.

7. Let’s determine your “Risk Tolerance” together and set your buy program.

8. What platform will you be using to trade? Mobile app, desktop, phone calls?

9. Patrick will discuss with you which brokerage houses are most efficient and easy to use. We will determine now which you will use.

10. Patrick will discuss with you the actual process of buying and selling an option.

At this point we have all the information we need to get you off to a roaring start. Patrick will review with you what we have discussed and help you set your buy program, point you to any instructional videos we offer to get you up to speed on actual trading, and give you a plan for going forward.

We WILL keep these notes for reference going forward. As we have mentioned time and time again, following the program is the key to your success. We will use this interview to set up your program and experience properly and to monitor your progress as you move through our service.

Select a time on his calendar above NOW to schedule your call.

Welcome to the team, enjoy the ride!