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92% of Americans have NO PLAN to DOUBLE their wealth at all, let alone in 3 years or less...Financial Reboot has solved this problem with the game changing service "Double Your IRA," 100% geared toward helping the Average American that normally would NEVER be able to afford a high end service to build wealth in the stock market - whether the market is going up or going down...You NEED our team behind you every step of the way.

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EXCLUSIVE Facebook community to share your questions, answered in real time by our trading team...share ideas, trade ideas, portfolio structuring hacks, etc.


NEVER feel "alone" in your investing ever again, now you have an entire multi-million $ team AND community that is investing WITH YOU!


Discover how to profit in as little as 2 days....Our clients LOVE these strategies!

We LIMIT membership to our INNER CIRCLE to 100 active members at any given time.  We currently have an opening for ONLY 5 MORE POSITIONS TO BE FILLED....

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What do we have to do to follow your plan?
How SIMPLE is it to participate?

Who is the business behind this?

Financial Reboot was started by Samuel Levitz and Patrick Comer. Samuel had trusted a stock picking service and quickly lost almost a million dollars. Samuel met Patrick during a chance meeting. Patrick had been a successful deca-million dollar private investor for decades and offered to take a look at Samuel’s portfolio.

At the time, Samuel’s portfolio was down to around $250k after being well over a million. By December of 2016, Patrick had Samuels portfolio well over $1 million.

Samuel realized he wasn’t the only person that had been duped by a “expert”, so he asked Patrick to come out of retirement and help him build a company that was honest, transparent, educational and truly transformed the lives of the people that used its services.

He set out to change the stock picking world. Thus, Financial Reboot was born. Financial Reboot is two investors. We are not registered or certified. We are two traders that are looking to teach and help others build wealth.

What guarantees do you offer?

during your strategy session call with our office directly so please have a pen and paper handy to take notes.

In a nutshell here they are:

1. You will have at least ONE (1) 100%+ profit on an investment within your first 90-days of being a member of our annual membership.

2. Double your money back guarantee...If your account doesn't at least double within your first 3 years of members, you are entitled to double your money back, no questions asked!

3. We 100% guarantee that of the investments we "Suggest" to you each month, that there will be some losers in there! This is why you MUST have a service like ours that systematically helps you follow an actual plan for wealth, not just trade to make money, but actually a proven plan to absorb losses WHEN they come and build on the wins to ensure your accounts double in 3 years or less!

I am sure there is plenty of fine print that will allow them to get out of the guarantee?

The guarantee is simple, written in plain English (not a bunch of legalese mumbo-jumbo), and clearly states itself. You are welcome – and encouraged – to read the contract completely.

Here’s another thought on the contract … We’re probably not the only service you have looked into. So, you know most are just revolving doors. They push mass amounts of subscribers quickly through a signup process, rinse and repeat.

And although they’ll have disclaimers, no one offers you a contract but us.

That’s because we are different from top to bottom. The last thing a shady service wants to do is sign a contract. Its legally binding and leaves no room for innuendo. We on the other hand, are looking for a commitment from you and also want to be crystal clear on what we will provide in return for your commitment.

Can I Invest My IRA With Your System?

What is your method of investing?

Simply put....we trade OPTIONS.

And, not the fancy options, just plain old, HIGHLY leveraged "Call and Put" options.

Patrick has run his trade team for decades and amassed tens of millions of dollars just trading simple options and has developed a system for you to simply follow...

Yes, Options are HARD if you had to do it yourself...with our service, we give you our EXACT same trades that we make, so we are ALL in the same boat together, day in and day out!

What happens if I don't want to trade some/all of the trades?

You are always in control of your portfolio. We do not trade for you. Ultimately, the choice to make a trade is ALWAYS yours.

But remember, you are here because you are looking for a proven formula for building wealth in any market environment. You’ll get the best results by following the program step-by-step.

Why do you only allow 100 people in the program? It mustn't appeal to many people then?

Our program is not built to serve a mass audience. We keep our membership at UNDER 100 people for a very specific reason – It is tailored for you and your needs. Not ours.

We offer an incredible support and education network. We also built this program, so it works for traders with any size of portfolio and any risk/investment needs.

In order to efficiently deliver this program, we keep the membership tight and efficient. Also, think about this – are you looking for a massive service where you are just a number? Or do you want to trust your hard-earned wealth to a team that is focused on you and you only? One that MUST get you results or lose your business the following year?

150% Profits in 10-days

63% Profits in 5-days

How Long Does It Take To See Profits?

Pease provide me with details of the number of people who have done the program each year, how long they stay in for and why they left?

Roughly 87% of the paying members stay on as members....They quit typically for one of two reasons:

1. "life" reasons, death in the family, massive health or lifestyle changes....etc

2. They learn our system after the first year or two and no longer need to pay year after year....

Our first and original member – Glen W. from Colorado – is still a paying and happy member to this day.

What niches do you trade in?

We don’t trade niches, we trade opportunities. 
We don’t confine ourselves to any sector or niche.

Who is Patrick - where can I see information about him?

Patrick has been an independent trader for over 30 years. He has not worked for any major banks or media networks.

When Samuel brought him out of retirement it wasn’t because Patrick had a certain pedigree or resume. It was because Patrick had wealth, independence and all the life points everyone else wanted.

You can get to know Patrick through our daily market show.

Lastly, keep this in mind. The program we have built is what is special and is what you are really buying. Patrick built this program over the last 30 years but as he says – as long as you know the and utilize the program, you will be successful.

Focus on the program and what it can do for you.

November Recap

210% Profit in 20-days

Why is there not a website?

We don’t have a website because seriously, what could we possibly put on a website you can’t already find at CNBC, Morningstar, etc?

We have a private page for members, a live trading room and SMS service. These all come WITH the program.

Again, when you join our program everything is about YOU and YOUR success. We’re not looking to be the popular kids. We’re looking to help our members build wealth. We (nor our clients) don't need any extra fluff in our lives.

I have to wait until my money comes through (as in retirement money)

As long as you can get a portfolio started, you can start building wealth. Even if you get the portfolio open and started with a small initial amount, it is a huge advantage.

The retirement clock does not stop ticking just because you are not prepared. If you are behind on your retirement goals today, then tomorrow you will still be behind – less one more day!

Only you can stop economic calamity from destroying your future.

If you feel comfortable letting even one more day slip away before doing something to transform your financial destiny, you’re probably not right for our program anyway.

What makes your "plan" or system so different?

Most people have NO PLAN at all. They trade just to try to make money....sound familiar? This is a kiss of death.

Without a proper plan in place to absorb losses and BUILD on wins, you are simply giving yourself a job, and who has time to watch charts 8-10 hours a day?

We have a proven "buying recommendation" which our clients are NEVER to break, that is, 3% to 5% of their portfolio on ANY given trade we give them.

That means, if for example, you have $100,000 and we send you a trade to play, you would invest between $3,000 to $5,000 on that play, no more, no less.

How Are You Different and Changing The Industry?

What do I do with the other 95% of my portfolio if I am only investing up to 5% each trade?

Our program covers this extensively for our members.

We have a posted portfolio of great stocks with buy ranges, etc. We teach our members how to build organic, passive and aggressive growth into their portfolios so ALL of their money is working ALL of the time.

If it is 5% per trade and 5-12 trades per month then that means I might be investing from 25 to 60% of my total portfolio and that is too risky?

You can keep your money in a non-interest drawing bank account and not have any risk.

Wealth building involves risk. There is no such thing as a no-risk investment. The trick to building wealth is keeping your money working for you at all times.

Your question shouldn’t be about eliminating risk, it should be “How can you MITIGATE risk.

How do I know when to get into and out of trades?

We provide a SMS text service for all trades.

All buy and sell orders are sent directly to your phone via SMS.

As a fail safe, we also post details on our private members page along with a video showing how to actually place your orders.

Window Dressing Understanding

Systematic Approach to Profits

What happens if I miss a trade?

Our program covers this extensively for our members.

Honestly, we are VERY proud of the fact that this is one of the main reasons why we currently keep our membership under 100 people....this way YOU get private attention, when you need it.

Simply message the trade team on any of the given portals provide when you join, FB page, email, live trade room, text, etc, and they will work with you within moments to help you get into (or out of) the trade in question!

Who is in the program in my area?

Our current membership is 97% US-based and a few international clients. You are encouraged to network with each other once inside our private FB group.

Most everyone is friends with each other after participating in our membership group within a few weeks

Can I talk to real people in the program (not just listen to their video testimonials)?

Our members have been kind enough to provide a video testimonial for prospective members to see. These are people that have made the commitment to take control of their financial futures.

They were in the same position you are right now.

They are so happy they were willing to share some insight with you. They are not salespeople and we respect their privacy and desire to enjoy life.

Please understand that there are privacy laws companies must follow to not release customer contact information.

How Can I Minimize My Risk Exposure?

How does this work when you said you don't manage my portfolio? I need to keep it where?

You need to open a US brokerage account with option level 1 trading. We provide support to help you set this up, not to worry!

We also give you suggestions on which brokerage to use based on your current needs and portfolio size.

Will you teach me everything about trading on the stock market?

We will teach you our program for wealth building. We provide educational trainings on absolutely EVERYTHING you need to know to DOUBLE your accounts every three (3) years or less within the group on charting, different options strategies, etc.

Our biggest competitor (though we don't consider them a competitor 🙂 charges between $20,000 to $70,000 just to train you each quarter, you fly to their facility, train for a week at a time, then you fly home just to sit in front of your computer for 10-12 hours a day!

If you want to give yourself a job, not have a life, and RISK coming up with ALL the trades yourself and NOT rely on multi-millionaire investors to supply you with our trades, then, yes, go spend the $70,000 with them, and come see us after you've learned your lesson!

What is swing trading and put and call options?

Swing trading is a short to mid term strategy.

Plays are held for more than a day but usually no longer than a few weeks.

A call option is a bullish vehicle (Market/stock up)

A Put option is a bearish vehicle (Market/stocks down)

Importance of Patience

One Stock For Life?

Why Trust Us?

Let’s be straight forward about this. Whether or not you are willing to trust us is up to you. That decision must come from you.

Neither Samuel nor Patrick are registered investment advisors making $95,00/year, certified retirement planners, or what not. These are two traders that have spent their careers trading independently. And Patrick's "plan" has made deca millions not only for himself but for people that have followed the plan for decades.

If you need a plethora of 3-letter acronyms to get you to trust us, it’s not going to happen. And truthfully, if you don’t feel like you can trust us that’s ok. There are many other services to choose from.

But if you want to trade and learn with two guys that have been doing this for decades, you’re in the right place. The best response we can give you is this: Make the call and talk to Samuel. Get to know him. Then check out the daily market updates from Patrick. Listen to what Patrick says on the show. Does it make sense? Does what he says usually work out? Then see how you feel about trust.

What type of support do you provide

At Double Your IRA, we provide constant support to all our members depending on the level of service. We even have a free live room where members can pop in and talk directly to the trade team to get all questions answered immediately.

Why should I choose YOUR company?

DYI is a complete “one-stop” wealth building service. When you sign up for "Double Your IRA" that’s all you need.

- Strong member support system. Never feel alone in your trading. Never feel overwhelmed by the pressures of investing.
- Free live trading room. No one else does this. Period.
- Strong fellowship of the membership. Our members help each other and support each other. No where else does this happen.
- Commitment! We commit to you just as much as you commit to us.

Trade My IRA?

What Is The Dark Pool?

Is your program suitable for someone with less than 100K as the investment portfolio?

Yes, our program is built for any sized portfolio.

We have two different levels of service we provide, so one of those two will be suitable for your needs.

How do I action the trades that have been sent?

Once you receive an SMS, you simply follow the directions on each text.

You would basically, cut and paste directly into your brokerage account, either on a computer, or from your mobile phone.

Placing a trade (buy or sell) would only take you about 15-30 seconds time.

Will I be expected to day trade?


We do not trade, just to trade or just to look busy.

We trade when we see a strategic opportunity to make 100% gains or more.

This is why we only have between 5-10 trades every month.

VERY manageable for every level of investor!

How Can I Save On Commissions?

Do I Need A Lot of $?


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